Film Reviews

Abnormal, the Sinema of Nick Zedd. dir. Nick Zedd, 1980-2001. A DVD collection, featuring works from the Cinema of Transgression film director.

Dont Look Back. dir. D.A. Pennebaker, 1965. A documentary following Bob Dylan on his UK tour.

Marjoe. dir. Kernochan and Smith, 1972. A documentary following ex-child-preacher Marjoe Gortner on his last tour through the Pentecostal church circuit.


How to Lie In Therapy. Self-explanatory.


A Word Fugitive. A word that should exist but doesn’t.

Cloning Hitler. What would it be like to be Hitler’s clone? And why would anyone want to clone him in the first place?

Thought and Theft and the End of the World. Cut-up prose poetry using other people’s words.


O Lucky Man! by Alan Price.


Science Fiction Double Feature. One person’s relationship to The Rocky Horror Picture Show from early adolescence into adulthood.


Hate and Murder. The Loughner shooting spree and the “climate of hate.”

Start Wearing Purple?. Discussion of Spirit Day, October 2010.

Stereotypes Can Be True.